Clean Fleets

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  • The Clean Vehicle Portal offers access to a large and innovative database system of vehicle data. It aims to ensure a level of demand for clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles and to encourage manufacturers to invest in the development of vehicles with low energy consumption, CO2 emissions and pollutant emissions.
  • The Clean Vehicles Directive of the European Commission aims at a broad market introduction of environmentally-friendly vehicles. It requires that energy and environmental impacts linked to the operation of vehicles over their whole lifetime are taken into account in all public purchases of road transport vehicles.
  • In the Procurement Forum officials from cities, regions, national governments and international bodies, as well as the private sector, are exploring how to get a better understanding of procurement issues and improve public procurement practices.
  • The European Electro-mobility Observatory collects and shares the latest data on hydrogen/ electric vehicles and infrastructure, and organises a number of workshops and webinars on the subject of electro-mobility.

  • The SMARTSET project develops and shows how freight transport in European cities and regions can be made more energy-efficient and sustainable by a better use of freight terminals. SMARTSET provides examples of good practice that can support cities, regions and countries to contribute to the European Union '20-20-20' targets for reduction in CO2 emissions and improvement in energy-efficiency.



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