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26 June 2013

Germany blocks EU deal on 2020 emission standards

Germany has blocked an EU deal to enforce stricter rules on carbon dioxide emissions for all new cars from 2020. A compromise had been reached to implement a target of 95g of carbon dioxide per kilometre (g/km).

Under the deal, car makers could have used so-called supercredits to offset low-emission vehicles in their fleet such as electric vehicles against high-emission cars. The average emissions of the entire range of models sold by each car maker would not have been allowed to exceed an average of 95g/km. The compromise deal was struck between EU governments and the European Parliament. It still required official endorsement from EU member states. Germany vetoed the deal. Now an agreement on an emissions cap has been delayed indefinitely.

German premium car makers had been pushing for the supercredits scheme that would have allowed them to continue producing high-emission vehicles such as SUVs. They were seen as the most likely to struggle with the 2020 target. Germany had been pressing for a more generous supercredits scheme, while members of the European Parliament wanted to introduce tougher emission standards by 2025. Environmental groups criticised that the supercredits scheme presented a loophole, which would have meant that actual average emissions in the EU would be higher than the target.

The average emissions of the EU fleet are currently around 132 g/km and should meet a previously agreed target of 130 g/km by 2015.

12 June 2013

Events to boost EVs in Bristol

Copyrights: Source West

Bristol has two events coming up in June to promote electric vehicles (EV) in the city: One aims to promote EVs among citizens, the second targets the city’s business community.

The Electric Sunday on 23rd June 2013 expects more than 10,000 visitors to celebrate a greener Bristol. Citizens have the opportunity to test drive four different electric cars on the day. Mayor George Ferguson (see picture) will open the event conversing on the merits of electric vehicles and introducing the first of a variety of panel discussions, which will be taking place throughout the day on topics such as ‘day-to-day life with an electric car’. There will also be various stalls and a range of family entertainment including BMX workshops for children and electric bike ‘have a go’ sessions for adults.

The second EV event Bristol has coming up aims at businesses. The Plugging into Electric Vehicles workshop on 18th June 2013 will provide businesses with insight into electric vehicle funding opportunities and the practicalities of owning an electric vehicle.

Both events are organised by Source West, which promotes the introduction of EVs into the UK’s South West. Source West is funded by Bristol City Council through the UK’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund and is also supported by the EU. Source West provides information about EV ownership and the region’s expanding recharging network; and is offering free access to local charging points to the first 200 individuals and businesses in the region who purchase an EV from the government’s approved list.

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