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Workshop: Clean Fleets policy recommendations

This EU workshop took place on 21 May 2015. All materials including presentations are available to download below.


The Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD)1 requires public purchasers and private companies operating public transport services to consider energy consumption and environmental impacts when purchasing and leasing road vehicles. The Directive is transcribed into the national legislation of all EU member states.

The Directive is currently undergoing a review process and the Clean Fleets Consortium has developed a series of policy recommendations which will recommendations form the basis of our input into the review process. They are focused mainly on the procurement of clean vehicles, but also touch on broader issues such as financial incentives and the quality of emissions data.

For more detailed information on the practical application of the CVD, please see the Clean Fleets Guide: Procuring Clean and Efficient Vehicles.

Workshop impressions


Introducing Clean Vehicles into Public Fleets: Recommendations for EU and National Policy Makers

Simon Clement, ICLEI Europe

From procurement to integration: promoting clean vehicles at the local level

Gabriella Barrera, Polis

Procurement of Clean and Energy-Efficient Road Transport Vehicles

Kemal Önel, DG MOVE

Ex-Post Evaluation of Directive 2009/33/EC - Clean Vehicle Directive

Ian Skinner, TEPR
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