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Workshop#2: Clean urban buses


This EU workshop took place on 25 - 26 March 2014. All materials including presentations are available to download below.

London, UK

The Crystal, 1 Siemens Brothers Way,
Royal Victoria Docks, London, E16 1GB


This London workshop, hosted by Clean Fleet’s project partner Transport for London (TfL) included a covered the following topics:

  • London Transport Policy, Planning and Strategies - how these are working towards clean and sustainable transport.
  • Procurement of clean buses – covering TfL’s commercial procurement strategy and the experience of other European Member States.
  • How pollutants and emissions from road vehicles, especially particulate matter emissions, will need to be reduced further – including:

    • How retro-fitting various pollution reduction technologies can reduce particulate matter and nitrous oxide emissions.
    • The future of clean bus technology and how this fits into London’s bus programme



 Welcome and Introduction to the day’s programme, Simon Clement - ICLEI Clean Fleets Project Coordinator

 London Transport Policy, Planning and Strategies Lucy Hayward-Speight – TfL Principal Policy Advisor

 Integrating Clean Vehicles into Berlin Fleets Burkhard Eberwein – BVG Technical Senior Manager

 Word from the European Commission on H2020 Olav Luyckx – European Commission

 Cleaning London’s Fleets Mark Poulton – TfL Vehicle Technology Manager

 Pollution Reduction through retro fitting existing fleet Israel Vallejo Benito – Transports de Barcelona, Project Leader

London workshop impressions

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