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October 2013

Clean Fleets Newsletter #2

Dear colleague,

We are pleased to send you the second issue of the Clean Fleets newsletter.

Kind regards,

Your Clean Fleets team

  1. Workshop: Clean bus procurement
  2. National workshops in your country
  3. Joint procurement of EVs and PHEVs
  4. The New Bus for London – Diesel/electric hybrid
  5. Get individual procurement advice
  6. Report on fuel and technology options for clean buses open for consultation

   Workshop: Clean bus procurement

BremenClean Fleets is organising a series of four European workshops to demonstrate how procurement of clean and energy-efficient vehicles is done in practice, to exchange and learn from each others’ experiences.

The first of these workshops is going to focus on clean bus procurement and will take place in Bremen, Germany from 11-12 December 2013. The workshop will present experiences from different cities and discuss topics such as:

During a half-day study visit, participants will see the Bremen concept of sustainable mobility in practice.

The workshop is open to public authorities and fleet operators in Europe, and other relevant stakeholders. It is free of charge.

Workshop: Clean bus procurement
11-12 December 2013
Bremen, Germany

For more information and to register, click here.

   National workshops in your country

In addition to the European workshops, a series of workshops will also be held at the national level in several European countries. The first of these took place on 3 October in Valladolid, Spain, organised by project partner Palencia. 

The workshop, which focused on the implementation of the Clean Vehicles Directive, was positively received. The workshop was well received with participants indicating that the programme connected ‘closely’ or ‘very closely’ to their daily work. Budget constraints and a lack of funding were repeatedly mentioned as the biggest obstacles to clean vehicle procurement.

The second national workshop was held last week, on 9 October in Stockholm. Further workshops are planned in the following countries:

These workshops will allow an exchange of good practice, and provide guidance and training on the implementation of the Clean Vehicles Directive.

For an overview of the planned events, visit the national workshops page.

   Joint procurement of EVs and PHEVs in Sweden

The City of Stockholm and the utility company Vattenfall initiated a joint procurement for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) in 2011. The group of 296 public and private buyers concluded a framework agreement with an estimated purchase volume of 1,250 cars and light delivery vehicles per year.

Minimum specifications were set for energy consumption (0.37 kWh/km) and CO₂ emissions (50 g CO2/km) following (Clean Vehicles Directive methodology 1). 300 vehicles have been purchased within the first 1.5 years, with savings of greater than 34 tonnes CO₂.
Read the full case study here.

   The New Bus for London – Diesel/electric hybrid

A Mayoral priority project in 2008 wanted an updated version of the classic London Routemaster double-decker bus, with very high environmental credentials.  This resulted in the procurement of the New Bus for London, the first bus specifically designed for London in over 50 years.

Transport for London tendered for the design, manufacture and supply of 600 diesel electric hybrid buses between 2012 and 2016. This constitutes the largest order of hybrid buses ever placed in Europe.

The New Bus for London combines the iconic London bus design with modern hybrid electric technology. It emits less than half the CO2 and NOx than a current London diesel bus in service.

Transport for London has made it a major policy to introduce and operate green buses throughout its vast bus network.  Overall, London has Europe’s largest fleet of green buses and is looking to increase its green fleet. Read the full case study (pdf).

Further case studies on clean vehicle procurement will be regularly published on the Clean Fleets website.

   Get individual procurement advice

Do you have questions regarding the implementation of the Clean Vehicles Directive in your procurement? Clean Fleets is offering free individual support with your tenders. Just send us an email at info@clean-fleets.eu.

We would be happy to assist you on each step of the procurement process: from market consultation and specification development, to competitive tendering and contract management. Clean Fleets will not only help you comply with the Clean Vehicles Directive but also to help develop tenders that go beyond the requirements of current legislation.

   Report on fuel and technology options for clean buses open for consultation

A preliminary report on fuel and technology options for clean buses is now under consultation until 24th October. All interested parties should write to info@clean-fleets.eu in order to contribute ideas and suggestions.

The aim of this draft report is to bring together input from Clean Fleets partners, public authorities, transport operators and other experts as part of a dedicated working group focused on buses. The working group has explored the experiences of public transport providers across Europe with various fuels and technology types for buses during trials, demonstrations and as part of daily use.

A webinar will take place from 10:00-12:00 (CEST) on 12th November to discuss the results of this consultation process. At the webinar, we will discuss all suggestions and ideas in order to be able to effectively develop the final report on technology and fuel options for clean buses. The webinar is also open to interested parties. If you would like to participate in the webinar, please contact info@clean-fleets.eu by 8th November.


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